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Medalia "Meritul Militar" - Clasa 2

Medal of Military Merit - Gold (5 yrs. svc)
Medalia "Meritul Militar" - Clasa 2


The Medal of Military Merit was instituted in 2 classes on June 10, 1954 with decree No. 211. This was a long service and good conduct medal with class II awarded for 5 years of service, class I for 10 years of service.

The obverse of the medal is composed of a wreath encircling a pair of crossed swords. There is a red enamed star at the bottom, and the letters "R.S.R." , or "R.P.R."

The reverse is the same, except that the swords have been replaced with the words, "MERITUL MILITAR" (Translation: Military Merit).

The medal is suspended from the distinctive communist tri-fold ribbon. It is light blue flanked with dark blue on the edges. A single thin white stripe runs down the middle of the ribbon.

The 2 classes of the medal were differentiated by the color of the medallion. Class I was in gold (gilt), class II was silvered.

There are 2 types of this medal. The 'type 1' medals were awarded under the Romanian People's Rebublic (R.P.R.) Type 2 displays the letters R.S.R. (Romanian Socialist Republic).

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